29 July 2014

Disclosure Live in Manila!

Finally got to see Disclosure LIVE! An awesome night with Carl, Ina, Thor, and Daryl!
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Let's admit it - we all have our obsessions. I for one am obsessed to A LOT of stuff, too much actually to place all in one blog post! I also admit being such a sucker for hoarding! I know it's kind of a 'bad habit', but sometimes I really just can't help myself from buying stuff of the same kind or same design especially if they're sooo frickin cuuuute >.<
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18 July 2014

Disclosure ticket giveaway EXTENDED!

I'm extending my Disclosure ticket giveaway!!! YAAAY! But that's not all, instead of giving away 2 SILVER tickets, I'll be stepping it up to 2 GOLD tickets! Awesome right?! Deadline of entries is on July 21, 2014 (Monday) 10PM. The winner will be randomly selected thru Rafflecopter and will be announced shortly after 10PM :) Remember, the more entries you send in, the more chances of winning! Also, please enter valid info being asked (ex: email address, twitter/fb account, etc...) <3
Are you all set Disclosure fans? You better be!

15 July 2014

Cookie Monster

Hey everybody! It's been one hectic week for me so please forgive my occasional posts :'( Been working on a ton of school projects and since I joined clubs this senior year, my sched's been super hectic as well. Good thing my Campus BDJ helps me keep myself on track so I won't miss any club meetings, quizzes I have to study for, project deadlines, and a whole lot of school related stuff I'm not supposed to forget about!
Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Uni Qlo |
Another thing that helps me keep my mind off all the stress lately are oreos! Aren't oreos just the cutest?! They've been my all time favourite childhood snack and I've been craving for these since last week. So when I went to the grocery, me and my sister got ourselves a pack of spring oreos :) I super loooove the adorable yellow cream in between  >.< 
Can you spot Cookie Monster? :)

Do you like oreos too? :) and do you guys love your Campus BDJ planners too? Tell me what you think in the comments! Mwah ^.^

05 July 2014

Win tickets to Disclosure Live in Manila 2014!

Happy July everybody! Disclosure is finally setting foot here in Manila and I'm super duper frickin excited for this one!!! I've been a huge fan since one of my favourites by the duo, called "Latch" featuring Sam Smith was released and I can't believe I'll be seeing them perform LIVE for the first time <3 *fangirl mode*

YUP, you read that title right, no kidding cuz what better way to kick off the first weekend of the month than an awesome giveaway?!

UPDATE! (as of July 18, 2014)
I'll be giving away 2 SILVER GOLD tickets to one lucky winner to watch Disclosure LIVE in Manila, this July 24, 2014 (Thursday) at the World Trade Center Manila!
The mechanics are super simple, all you have to do is complete the giveaway form below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure you also follow @SMAccessories and @iheartlesha on Instagram as well, for more chances of winning! 

This giveaway ends on  Saturday (July 19, 2014) July 21, 2014 (Monday), 10 PM and the winner will be announced by 11PM! The winner will be randomly selected thru Rafflecopter and will be announced shortly after 10PM :)

Good luck everybody! <3

21 June 2014

June faves!

Hey everybody! School month has officially started for me and I can say it's been a pretty easy first week of Senior year :) I'm super close to graduating, and it still won't sink in me that I'll be going to college soon. Gosh how time flies! Anyway, speaking of June, I think it's about time to share with you guys my June faves!
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13 June 2014


Hey guys! I swear last Thursday was one of the most epic nights of my life, thanks to these awesome people who partied with me 'til the AM hahaha! <3  also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARINA!! :D
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