23 April 2014

My Junior Prom

I know this post is waaaaaaay overdue and I'm so guilty about that! But I thought it'd be lovely to share with you how my junior prom went! 
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21 April 2014

Midnight City

Who says breakfast at midnight is bad? Yes, I literally did have breakfast at midnight at Bonifacio High Street last Friday. It was midnight of Good Friday so there were very few people and no stores were open except for selected restaurants. It's a good thing Cindy was with me to keep me company! She dragged me all around the place and she seemed to enjoy it while I got tired from all the walking! hahaha!
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19 April 2014


Hey everyone! Here it is ~ the long awaited Q&A Saturday post! <3 To those who sent in their questions, thank you all soooo much and to those who want to ask me questions (random questions will do!) send me a message over at my 'Ask me anything' widget on my sidebar or on twitter, facebook, tumblr, or ask.fm! :) 

18 April 2014

Crossing roads

Hey everyone! Lately me and my family have been going on road trips because it's already S-U-M-M-E-R weeeee and yesterday we payed a visit to Alabang for no reason hahahaha! I've never been there before, so I was quite excited and the best part was that I got to have some quality bonding time with my family! Since my dad was not so familiar to where we we're going, we relied on our car's GPS throughout the whole ride and to our surprise, it was super spot-on and we reached our destination without any hassle! Cars nowadays tho - so hi-tech! hahaha :)
When I saw this Fully Booked building, I died inside. I wanted to run in and scream "CHAAAAAAARGE!" but......
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16 April 2014

I have a VLOG! ~ RAD cookie ❤️

Yes! You read that right! I finally started a vlog and it's called RAD cookie ^.^ I must admit it was quite awkward for me to talk to a camera on a tripod, alone in my room - but I had so much fun and I can't wait to shoot the next video!


15 April 2014

Up, up, and away!

Every time I see hot air balloons, it definitely reminds me of the movie 'UP' don't you think? :) This is actually my first time to see these in person (bucket list! weee) and I'm glad I got to share this once in a lifetime experience with Jesca and Kaye! If you're wondering where this was held, we traveled all the way from Manila to Lubao, Pampanga (which was a 2 hour drive) to witness the Philippine International Balloon Festival last April 13. This was a 4 day event (April 10-13) and we're so glad to have made it on their last day!  
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14 April 2014

Live cover of Thrift Shop!

Hi! Here's a little live cover I made last week for those who kept asking on my tumblr and ask.fm accounts if I was really the one rapping in my Soundcloud cover of 'Thrift Shop' by Macklemore and they even requested for me to shoot this from my webcam to prove, so please forgive the bad quality! But I do hope you enjoy watching it!! and promise this will be the last bad quality video I'll ever post! Hahaha >.< 
P.S. notice the bear on my shirt (yes, I was in my pajamas for the reason that I had to do this very last minute!) ^.^
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