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07 December 2014

Shifting to iPhone 6

It's been 2 weeks since I got my iPhone 6. Being a Samsung user for the past years, I've always loved the limitless features they have to offer. Although the simplicity of the iPhone is slowly starting to grow on me, and also one thing I absolutely adore about the new iPhone is its camera! Gosh, you don't know much I've fangirled over this!  Here are some photos I took:

29 November 2014

=CAMO= at Underground mAAdness

Never in a million years did I ever think I'd be part of a band as awesome as =CAMO=. Last saturday, we finally got to play at our first ever band screening at Assumption Antipolo's Underground Maadness. It was a pretty crazy ride going back and forth which explains the super 'sabaw' video.

08 November 2014

An escape to reality

God, I've got to stop with these overdue posts. Really. Although, I can't seem to resist not posting this - despite it being almost a year delayed. I'm astonishingly proud of the photos I took during my class' immersion. Not just because of this being one of my best school documentation projects, but mainly because of the stories behind each photo that would always give me flashbacks of happy and mixed unexplainable feelings - or most of the time, separation anxiety from the people I shared these wonderful memories with throughout the entire journey.

06 November 2014

Vita Coco for the Weekend Warrior

Every once in a while, we need a breather to keep our sanity in check. The long hours spent in the office and the demands of our job sometimes lead to an unintentional burnout. Eventually, our health will creep up and come back with a vengeance. In between deadlines, meetings and last minute revisions, it’s always nice to loosen up a few buttons or grab a snack with your workmates. But as agreed between millennial warriors, the best afterwork remedy is energized music and some dance floor moves.

04 November 2014

Expect the Unexpected

Waaaaay overdue post, but I'd just like to share one of the moments that has by far made my Senior year.
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