15 April 2014

Up, up, and away!

Every time I see hot air balloons, it definitely reminds me of the movie 'UP' don't you think? :) This is actually my first time to see these in person (bucket list! weee) and I'm glad I got to share this once in a lifetime experience with Jesca and Kaye! If you're wondering where this was held, we traveled all the way from Manila to Lubao, Pampanga (which was a 2 hour drive) to witness the Philippine International Balloon Festival last April 13. This was a 4 day event (April 10-13) and we're so glad to have made it on their last day!  
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14 April 2014

Live cover of Thrift Shop!

Hi! Here's a little live cover I made last week for those who kept asking on my tumblr and ask.fm accounts if I was really the one rapping in my Soundcloud cover of 'Thrift Shop' by Macklemore and they even requested for me to shoot this from my webcam to prove, so please forgive the bad quality! But I do hope you enjoy watching it!! and promise this will be the last bad quality video I'll ever post! Hahaha >.< 
P.S. notice the bear on my shirt (yes, I was in my pajamas for the reason that I had to do this very last minute!) ^.^


Hello everyone ~ If you may have noticed, I have a fresh new blog layout and yes, a legit blog title. I am currently working on new blog buttons as well and they'll be out asap I promise! So if this is in your mind right now, "So Lesha, what's to come?" Well aside from the new layout, there'll be a lot of changes here on my blog and this means I'll be doing more videos for you guys, plus much more postings! I'll also be doing a lot of song covers (I take requests!!!) and will also be doing more of Q&A saturdays since I really do get a bunch of emails. Anyhoo, I'm super excited for what's to come so tell me what you think about my new layout? or if you have any suggestions or requests for upcoming posts you can type 'em down in the comments! <3

You guys are rad! Luv yaaaaa! <3

10 April 2014

♥A sweet deal from Romwe!

Hey Fashionistas! Here's a super sweet deal I'd like to share from Romwe!
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05 April 2014

♥Tiny Amusements

Hey Fashionistas! I am reactivating my tumblr account and will be posting my 'tiny amusements' there. It will basically be my photo blog wherein I will be posting some photos (taken by me of course), videos, quick updates, and random stuff! You also can send me anonymous questions there (if you're too shy to introduce yourself) ^.^ Check it out here: http://heylesha.tumblr.com


Hey Fashionistas! How's everything goin'? :) I've been quite active on Soundcloud lately and would just like to share some new covers that are up!

I would super duper appreciate it if you took the time to play it, comment, like, follow me, or even download the track! ^.^ And before I forget! I'd like to also share with you guys a band I'm part of, we're called Midnight Drive and you can go check us out on Soundcloud too! We're an acoustic band composed of 3 members - Me (guitar & vocals), Jesca Canto (keys & vocals), Sam Sta. Ana (vocals). Also i f you guys have any song cover requests for me or Midnight Drive, you can message me on my ask.fm

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